Weather in Turkey

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Abnormally hot weather, according to meteorologists’ forecasts, will set in tourist Sharm el-Sheikh. According to the forecasts a strong heat wave is expected, although even now the thermometer has already risen very high. True there is a hope that a strong wind will save a little from the unbearable sun, but at the same time the high waves in the sea do not contribute to comfortable bathing.
The air will warm up to +40 and it is promised to remain so till the end of the month. Sun activity promises to become less due to the variable cloudiness. Specialists from medicine strongly recommend holidaymakers to use sunscreen to avoid trouble (sunburn, heat stroke).
Hurghada will be more comfortable in terms of ambient air temperature (only about 35 degrees).
Almost all the country’s hotels have access to the sea. Water temperature is very comfortable (about 30 degrees). But unfortunately the weather forecast on the water is not good, because of strong winds is expected a high wave (up to two meters high).
In recent years, the weather is constantly presenting surprises, which is not conducive to a comfortable holiday.

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