Vietnam is feverish

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The Ministry of Health of Vietnam warns travelers and citizens that dengue fever is on the rise in the country.
This disease is characterized by a fairly severe course and is caused by a virus that is transmitted by a mosquito bite. There are several strains of this viral disease.
After an insect bite, you get a strong burning sensation, the bite site becomes very inflamed, the temperature rises, the whole body hurts, even the eyes, and you may get a rash or bleeding.
The result of the disease is not predictable. So far, about 40% of people who have fallen ill have died. Compared to 2021, there has been a nearly 200 percent increase in the number of people who have fallen ill, with the number of fatalities almost quadrupling. The number of sick people is predicted to increase, especially in the southern part of Vietnam.
Ministry of Health leaders are urging the government to take preventive measures to stabilize the situation with dengue fever.
To avoid health problems, it is recommended to stay indoors with mosquito nets, to use insect bite protection, and to wear closed clothing as much as possible when going outdoors or in nature.

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