Sharks in Phuket

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An unknown animal, believed to be a shark, attacked a child.
One of Phuket’s most popular beaches was closed after an eight-year-old boy swimming about a hundred meters from the shore was attacked by an unknown animal. The boy was swimming with his family. And entered the water with his parents. Swimming in the water, at a depth of about one meter, he was bitten by a sea animal. The child has deep lacerations on his right leg. At a hospital in Phuket, the baby received over thirty stitches.

Witnesses of the incident believe that it could have been a small barracuda or a sea fish. But marine biologists believe that the child was attacked by a small bull shark. With nature resting from human activity for two years due to antiviral restrictions, many animal populations have recovered. Some officials from the Kamala Tambon administration believe the incident will attract a wave of tourists to the resort as a cool new attraction. But while the beach has been closed, police patrols and lifeguards stroll along the beach, warning of the presence of a “dangerous animal” in the water and not allowing tourists to enter the sea. Warning signs are also posted on the beach. Warnings are sounded in Thai and English.

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