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Scammers have become active in Turkey. The country’s police urge those who buy accommodation in hotel rooms to be careful, as fraudsters create repeated versions of hotel websites, and wishing to relax in the famous resorts of Turkey, booking rooms in hotels by paying in advance.
Arriving at the destination travelers are faced with a harsh reality: the room is not paid, guests are not welcomed and it is necessary to look for a place to stay again or return home having spent a lot of money for nothing.
Turkish police officers recommend contacting hotels before making a cash payment, using the number listed on the website directory, to find out if the room is booked for the time the travelers are interested in. Holding a press conference on combating cybercrime, the chief police officer of the country drew the attention of the press to the fact that the department works to make hotel owners and travelers aware of the methods used by cybercriminals to cheat.
Buying a tour through travel agencies, wishing to rest on Turkish coasts, insure themselves against such risks.

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