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With the improvement in the sickness rate in Europe, quarantine has been lifted everywhere and travel has become possible. However, airport problems can make a long-awaited vacation very frustrating. Because many skilled workers had to be laid off during the pandemic, and now there is a rush to recruit staff, air transport has been disrupted.
There are considerable queues at European airports because flights are periodically cancelled. The United Kingdom is the leader in flight cancellations. It is good if the traveler knows well before the departure to the airport that the flight will not take place, but sometimes the news catches up with him already at the airport terminal.
Travel agencies may cancel your trip. Of course, the money will come back, but the vacation is ruined, and even the voucher for another vacation will not improve your mood.
Another “headache” for those wishing to travel is the issuance of documents. This is especially true for Britain, which has left the European Union, and now you have to get a full package of documents to travel. European travelers are frustrated and do not know if they will be able to vacation according to their plans this year.

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