Japan opens doors for tourists

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The second month of autumn in Japan was a month of lifting restrictions imposed during the nationwide closure of borders due to the pandemic coronavirus.
The lifting of quarantine measures was announced by a government spokesman. It was also said that the opening of visas for foreign travelers will be reconsidered. Since October there will be no need to look for a responsible person to cross the border of the country, it will be possible to visit Japan on an individual tour. Also, if a traveler has no signs of illness, has a certificate of vaccination (3 times and approved vaccine) or a negative PCR test done not earlier than three days before entry, it will not be necessary to test for coronavirus upon arrival in Japan, undergo quarantine and can use public transportation. The newly introduced rules apply to guests coming to the country of the “rising sun” for a long period of time, as well as for a short period of time.
This is a significant shift for the better since 2020, when Japan stopped issuing visas to all foreign nationals. Since early summer this year, tourists could only visit the country as part of a group and with a guide, who was responsible for ensuring that tourists observed safety measures.

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