Problems with visas in Morocco

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Scandal with the issuance of Schengen visas has broken out in Morocco. The Association for the Protection of Human Rights of the country has filed lawsuits in the European Court of Justice because many Moroccans were denied a “Schengen” visa, without any explanation.
The embassy in Rabat (France) refused to issue visas to Moroccan citizens who have expressed a desire to visit the country for various purposes: tourism, business, students to continue their studies, as well as to participate in scientific conferences – doctors and engineers. At the same time, the injured party claims that the law on the protection of personal data (bank accounts, place of residence) by visa application centers is not complied with, which is a violation of international law.
Not so long ago the same problems arose with the citizens of Turkey. Those who want to get a “Schengen” suffer both morally and financially. After all, the money that the consulate staff receive for processing documents is not returned.

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