Tourist surge in Istanbul

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According to Istanbul’s official statistics, this year Turkey’s main city has seen a record number of travelers over the past decade. The cultural capital of the country in mid-summer had an increase of guests by more than 50% compared to last year.
The number of travelers visiting Turkey this year has increased, with Istanbul still holding the lead compared to other cities in the country.
The number of travelers by country was calculated. The leader in terms of number of guests was shared by three countries: Russia, Germany and Britain. Visitors from these countries visited Turkey more often than others.
Antalya is most popular with visitors from Germany, as well as Russia and the United States. Travellers from the United Kingdom do not lag behind.
If we consider the number of travelers who visited Istanbul in number rather than as a percentage, the picture is as follows: guests from Germany came about 1.5 thousand, a little less than 133.000 citizens of Russia and about a hundred thousand from the U.S., about the same number of Iranians.
In total, about three million citizens of Germany and about two million citizens of Russia visited Turkey.

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